Passkeyper for the Sharp Zaurus

Passkeyper screenshot Passkeyper is an open source password/passkey database program for the Sharp Zaurus. If you use different passwords for various websites and logins, Passkeyper allows you to keep them all in one central location that you can carry with you.

Passkeyper is written in Java and runs in the Zaurus' Jeode PersonalJava VM. Passkeyper uses the legendary BlowfishJ implementation of Blowfish to encrypt it's datastore, and NanoXML for parsing/creating the XML-based datastore.

The current version of Passkeyper is alpha 0.4. This is an alpha release. Please understand this project is currently in development and not finished. Please don't make Passkeyper the only copy of your passwords!

You can access the Sourceforge project here, download the latest Zaurus ipk here, or configure your Zaurus to access the Passkeyper feed directly at

If you are using alpha 0.1 or alpha 0.2, you must convert your database to the XML-based format used in alpha 0.3 and later. You can download the conversion program here.

BlowfishJ is written by Markus Hahn and available at

NanoXML is written by Marc De Scheemaecker and available at

Zaurus VNC shot

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